Dragonfly Farm, LLC

​Hog prices:

Half:     $2.35 lb.


We also have GMO-free turkeys available for your next Thanksgiving                       dinner!                                                          I HAVE 2 TURKEYS   LEFT!!!                                       

Providing organically-compliant, wholesome, healthy food since 2014.

In the wintertime we produce maple syrup and cut firewood for sale.

We sell maple syrup by the: pint - $9.00

quart - $16 

1/2-gallon - $28          Gallon- $45 

Order yours now and ask about our bulk-pricing!

We raise grass-fed beef cattle and GMO-free hogs.

We also produce fresh wild ramps, numerous vegetables and flowers.

​Whole: $2.25 lb. (hang weight)

​Beef prices:

Half:       $3.25 lb.

Whole:   $3.00 lb. (hang weight)

​Quarter: $3.50 lb.